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plus size swimsuits
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Plus size bathing suits

mid thigh bathing suit

Plus Size Bathing Suits for the Big, Beautiful Woman

If you're a plus size woman, you know how difficult it can be to find stylish, well-fitting fashions. Well, multiply that by about a gazillion and that's how hard it is to find plus size bathing suits that both flatter your figure and conceal flaws. This article contains some great recommendations for plus size bathing suits. Read on to find out more.

If you've been frustrated shopping for bathing suits at bricks-and-mortar stores, you know how limited their selection of plus size bathing suits can be. For practically limitless choices in bathing suits for plus size women, consider shopping on the Internet. You'll be sure to find many web retailers that cater exclusively to women like you who are shopping for good-looking and well-fitting bathing suits.

OK, so once you've found a great web retailer with an amazing selection of plus size bathing suits, how do you select the perfect suit for your figure? Here are a few tips.

It's very important to measure yourself. Although this may not be a pleasant experience, it's the best way to assure a good fit. Most Internet retailers have size charts that take the guesswork out of deciding what size to buy. Next, try to find swimwear separates if you're looking at two piece bathing suits. With swim separates, you can buy the top and bottom separately for a custom fit. Most women aren't the same size on top and bottom, so these types of bathing suits are especially appropriate.

If you carry your weight in the hips and thighs (and who doesn't?), consider a tankini, skirtini or shortini. A tankini is a less-revealing version of the bikini that uses a tank top rather than a bra or bandeau. The tank top usually has a built-in bra for support and provides good coverage for your midsection. A skirtini can have just about any kind of top, but always features a skirted bottom. The skirt can disguise a myriad of figure flaws and it's possible to find skirtinis with longer skirts that and reach to mid-thigh for maximum coverage. A shortini can also have a variety of tops and always features a bottom with shorts. If you're interested in this type of suit, make sure you choose one with loose-fitting shorts that have an attached panty for modesty.

Some plus size bathing suits, especially one piece, have built-in tummy or torso and tummy control panels. These panels usually contain a higher percentage of spandex than the body of the suit. Don't expect these types of bathing suits to make you look skinny - rather expect it to support and smooth bulges. Also, remember that if you choose a solid color suit in a dark-ish color, you have a better chance of shifting focus off your body and up to the face and shoulders.

Don't forget to include a cover-up as part of your swim suit wardrobe. This is where you can get creative! A wild, island-print sarong is the perfect compliment to a solid-color suit. Another way to go is with a strappy short dress that may or may not be sheer. Baggy shorts that reach to mid-thigh or just above the knee are also popular. A relative newcomer, the tunic, is a terrific cover-up for bathing suits. A loose-fitting, drape-y tunic that hits the body at mid-thigh will help you look pulled-together. If your arms are a problem area, look for a tunic with long, flowing sleeves. The always-classic big shirt is another type of cover-up that can be demure or sexy. For a sexy look, choose a semi-transparent fabric like gauze. For a conservative look, breathable cotton terry or French terry is a great choice.

Don't forget to accessorize! Top off your swimwear look with a pair of sandals in a coordinating color. Carry all your beach or pool gear in a brightly colored tote. Wearing a cute stretchy hair band will help you manage your wet tresses with style and flair.

One final factor to consider when choosing plus size bathing suits is fabric care. If you've been swimming in a pool with chlorinated water, be sure to rinse you're suit thoroughly to remove any chlorine residue. Remember that chlorine is a bleaching agent that can rob your suit of its vibrant color or fade a black suit and make it look old and worn. If you use suntan lotion or oil, these can cause staining, so again, rinse your suit as soon as possible.

Putting together a great look for plus size bathing suits isn't at all difficult if you remember a few simple buying guidelines and then choose accessories that will give you a polished and finished look.

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mid thigh bathing suit